Vimala Veera
“Discipline = Freedom”
– Jocko Willink

Vimala Veera, a Toronto native of South Asian descent, is a jack of all trades. Since her youth, she had a curiosity for all activities, groups, and cultures alike through participating in various sports, ethnic communities outside of her own, and creative endeavours that she always showcased to her family and friends.

Becoming a dancer was her first love, as she grew up on the stage as a physical performer, but as soon as she joined her local Theatre troupe as a young teen, her triple threat skills quickly enabled her to strive for a future in dynamic storytelling. Vimala has a deep love for cinema, growing up in a household where Bollywood and old age cinema were the weekend events, she began to dream of telling those stories herself which brought her to the path she holds on strong to today.

Vimala recently graduated with BFA in Performing Arts from UCBerkeley, and is now bringing her theatrical training to the lens.