Tyler James
“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.”
– Elon Musk

Tyler (he/him) is an actor born & raised in Toronto, growing up competing heavily within sports such as Football, Soccer, Karate & many more throughout life contributed to fuelling an internal competitive drive to always increase his abilities in all aspects of life from public speaking to writing, performance & an eagerness for self improvement & amplifying ones skillset in any atmosphere. As well as always being a part of the arts & drama scene throughout early childhood which to this day he applies such principles & strategies from.

Having been involved within the realms of film & television starting from the age of 12. From school performance to auditioning for major projects. Deciding to pursue a career within the entertainment industry was an absolute must. Passionate for all things related to media & performance as a collective.

In addition being a part of productions from TV Series to Film for various brands & working for the TIFF red carpet events over 5 years. Being featured in various print ads & commercial type projects from Harvey’s to Sportcheck as well as many music videos has been an exceptionally exciting adventure to be a part of although he is no where near finished. Always looking to take the next step on the his journey within the industry & having a true and absolute blast doing so taking avenues that are able to showcase artistry of various forms.