Sofia Malik

Sofia Malik is an actress that is excited to begin her journey in the industry, as she is just starting out. In high school, Sofia took the dramatic arts course for 2 years, where she practiced improv, and was involved in the creation of a live action sitcom at the school.

Sofia has had a great start to her professional training, beginning with The Second City in Toronto. At The Second City, Sofia worked alongside other young actors through improv to help develop improvisation skills, as well as confidence.

Focussing on film and television acting, Sofia later completed the Young Adults On Camera course at their renowned LB Acting STudio in Toronto. At the studio, she practiced script analysis, audition technique and emotional access with her instructor Daniel Karp, leading to a final mock audition with Lewis Baumander and Keeya King, at the end of the course. Sofia looks forward to diving into the world of acting and working on camera.