Shay Kuebler

Shay Kuebler started choreographing and staging imaginary fight sequences in his backyard at the age of 4. This passion led to his training in martial arts and dramatic arts at the age of 5. These two art forms created the foundation for his versatile dance training where he has performed, choreographed and directed professional works in ballet, tap, hip hop and contemporary dance. Shay sees continued learning and development as critical tools as both an artist and person. With this philosophy, he has spent focused time training in theatre, dance, music and martial arts across North America, Japan, China and Brazil.

Shay’s versatility and experience as an artist have made him an essential asset to productions for the stage and the screen. On stage, Shay has performed in the dramatic arts, circus arts, martial arts and multiple forms of dance, including tap, contemporary and hip hop. Some stage highlights include Samsung, Naughty by Nature, Neil Young, 2009 BC Athletic Awards and The Canada Dance Festival. On screen, Shay has performed as a principle actor, choreographer, dancer and stunt performer. Some screen highlights include “Jinxed”, “Once upon a time”, “Like Mike 2”, “One way”, “Code Name: The Cleaner”, “Psych” and “Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical”.

As choreographer and movement director, he recently worked on the Apple Original TV series “SEE”. He played an essential role on the production working on movement training and character development with principle actors, stunt performers and background performers. As a choreographer for film and television, he has choreographed for Hewlett Packard, “Psych”, Denner grocery, Kyocera Phones and Bravo television. He most recently produced, directed and choreographed the dance film “Momentum of Isolation” for The 2020 Dancing On The Edge Festival.

In live performance, Shay has been a director and choreographer for multiple Royal Caribbean Entertainment Aqua shows, where he worked with dancers, acrobats, divers, synchronized swimmers and martial artists. Some choreography highlights include works for Naughty by Nature, Samsung, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, Ballet Edmonton, CitieBallet, and Moment Factory. In 2014, Shay founded his own company Radical System Art. RSA has quickly risen as an internationally recognized company in Canada. With his own company, Shay has produced, directed and choreographed 6 shows that have toured internationally and across Canada.

With his company, Shay’s work stretches from original music composition all the way to artistic direction and light design.
Shay continues to expand his skills, furthering his education in creative writing workshops and personal training. This push to grow – in-connection to his experience, knowledge and versatility – enable him to collaborate on any production.