Savannah Noelle
“A special moment lies ahead”
– Anonymous

Savannah (she/her) has been an outgoing, social butterfly from the moment she could speak. She quickly developed a love for languages and is currently enrolled in a French Immersion program. Never one to pass on an opportunity to try something different or take on a new adventure, Savannah is as fearless as they come! Whether it’s scaling a rock-climbing wall, posing with a snake around her neck, or making a massive cannonball splash, she is up for the challenge.

A self-proclaimed dinosaur fanatic, Savannah recently booked the role of a lifetime – accompanying a paleontologist on a Dino Dig adventure and getting her hands on some real fossils at the Royal Ontario Museum. Talk about a dream come true!

Savannah is a year-round athlete that likes to stay involved in various sports. On the weekend you can catch her at the swimming pool, ice rink, or basketball court with her dad improving her jump shot! Following in her favourite athlete, Serena Williams, footsteps Savannah also recently began tennis lessons and is really enjoying them.

A lover of music who is exploring piano lessons, Savannah’s playlist is just as eclectic and unique as she is! Being raised in a Guyanese, British, Jamaican, and Irish household she has strong ties to her Caribbean culture and a healthy appreciation for reggae and soca music. She loves to get her hands dirty in the kitchen and help her mom make roti from scratch.

An ambitious, spirited, and compassionate kid whose energy can be felt on and off camera. Savannah is truly a joy to work with!