Intimacy Choreography / Coordination & Vulnerability Consultants

A collaborative team of movement specialists with a passion for creating safe and respectful workspaces
for all areas of the entertainment industry.

Christina Pitts, Intimacy Coordinator

Christina Pitts Jazzar (She/Her/Hers)

Lisa Stevens, Intimacy Coordinator

Lisa Stevens (She/Her/Hers)

Anisa Tejpar (She/Her), Intimacy Coordinator

Anisa Tejpar

Review ACTRA’s Best Practices for Scenes Involving Nudity, Intimacy, Simulated Sex and Sexual Violence.

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When You Need Intimacy Coordinators:

  • To aid in story-telling scenes of intimacy – a structured approach to creating physical story-telling of sexual and non-sexual intimacy
  • Policy support – creating and implementing riders where nudity or partial nudity exist
  • When an actors feels they need support with psychological or challenging material
  • When working with minors and sensitive or high emotional material
  • If an actor feels they need a bystander
  • If a director feels they need support communicating sensitive material to actors
  • To liaison between departments regarding intimate scenes IE: wardrobe fittings, conversations about riders and scenes that display simulated sex, nudity or violence