Rhys Gutierrez
Non Union

Rhys (she/her) began dancing at the age of 5 after she felt inspired by family relatives who previously pursued dance careers. At a young age, Rhys already loved performing and putting on mini-concerts for her close family and friends. When she was only 8 years old she was taken under the wing of local artist, Gio Levy, for more vocal training. This eventually lead to Levy producing two original songs that were sung by Rhys herself. Rhys steered away from singing years after to shift her focus on pursuing dance. At the age of 13, she entered an online competition to perform with Justin Bieber in her city, Vancouver, Canada. Selected from thousands, Rhys had the opportunity to perform with Justin Bieber on his Purpose Tour concert in 2016.

In 2009, Rhys and close dance friends created a new studio now known as Studio 604 in Burnaby, BC. Studio 604 was initially created to be a safe environment for her and her dance friends to learn and grow. Rhys has trained in multiple hip-hop fundamental styles at Studio 604 such as waacking, grooving, breaking, house, locking and popping. She is currently training more in urban contemporary and street jazz to diversify her movement. Within Studio 604, Rhys and her friends created their current dance team- Apprentice and have competed and performed in many local and international events, including PNE Performances, Unrated by KreativMndz, Buildabeast Experience, Body Rock, and were invited to compete in season 3 of NBC’s World of Dance. Rhys has also trained in Los Angeles with the KreativMndz Elite program which is now known as KreativMndz Dance Academy. In 2017, Rhys continued her training by joining Illustrative Society directed by Joe Tuliao. Illustrative Society has held many local showcase performances, and traveled to Edmonton and Winnipeg to perform.

Rhys is complimented for her musicality, textures, dynamics, diversity, stage presence, and storytelling while she dances. She uses the art of dance as her outlet of self-expression. She is an incredible performer and captivates the audience with her stage presence and energy whenever she hits the stage.