O’Shani Cardwell
Dancer, Actor
“How you do one thing, is how you do everything.”
– O’Shani “Ocean” Cardwell

O’Shani was born to perform. Growing up, she was always the entertainment for family and friends, whether it be singing, dancing or making loved ones laugh. She has grown to be an ambitious dancer, both heavily involved in the worlds of street dance, and also excelling in the battle/freestyle scene of hip hop, locking, and popping.

She began her dance journey studying jazz, ballet and hip hop at Joanne Chapman’s School of Dance. As O’Shani’s passion for dance -more specifically hip-hop continued to grow, she transitioned from having dance as a recreational hobby, to making it her full-time career.

O’Shani is an Elite member of the street dance crew, Footnotes, lead by Mariano and Andrew Pyro Chung. After 4 years of training under these two Toronto legends, she recently co-created an all female street dance crew of her own, House of Hunniez, that aims to encompass the evolution of street dance, freestyle and choreography in one.

O’Shani has also completed her first world tour for Youtube sensation, Lilly Singh. She has been fortunate enough to travel internationally, and take workshops from current choreographers and creators of dance styles within this industry. As a versatile mover, O’Shani earned the opportunity to work with established Choreographers, via music videos for Rynx and Ruth B., and live performances with pop star Meghan Trainor at Toronto’s iHeart Radio MMVA’s 2018.

Moving forward, O’Shani aspires to further her training, and sharing her love for dance. As an artist she hopes to expand her horizon within the world of dance and build her crews House of Hunniez, and Footnotes.