Lyndsey Britten
Actor, Singer, Dancer
“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them!”
– Vicki Baum

Lyndsey Britten (she/her) is a dancer, singer, and actor that has recently made the transition from living in Vancouver, BC. to residing in Toronto, ON.

Born and raised in Vancouver, her training began predominately in dance. She was a competitive dancer with Caulfield School of Dance and would spend her school breaks at intensives with companies such as Harbour Dance Centre, Goh Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and Vancouver Ballet Society. Though her and her brother spent their childhood belting out show tunes and performing full routines (including the entirety of ‘Cats’), her heart was still solely in dance.

It wasn’t until secondary school, when a student dropped out on opening night of the spring musical and her brother volunteered her to step in an hour before curtain, that she truly started exploring her passion for Musical Theatre.

She began performing and never stopped! Alongside the voice lessons, masterclasses, and workshops she attended, Lyndsey continued to grow as a performer and gained experience working with so many incredible Directors and Choreographers. In addition to performing with the majority of the local theatres, Lyndsey also began working as an Assistant Choreographer, most notably working with Julie Tomaino.

As a performer that also works as a creative and a dance instructor, Lyndsey brings a sharp presence to each cast she is a part of. She is known to be ambitious, dynamic, and dedicated in any role she takes on.