Keegan deWitt

Keegan deWitt was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia and spent the first twenty years of his life there. Both his parents were involved in Film and Television which is how he fell in love with the acting world. Once he graduated High school, Keegan got a job as a patient assistant at the local hospital. It was while working 3 years in healthcare that he started to find out who he was and what he valued.

After a two-year hospitality program in PEI, Keegan moved back to Halifax and started working in restaurants and studying wine. This led him to Toronto in August of 2018 to work at a funky wine bar and eventually a top-level French restaurant. Service and wine had become a performative art for him. It filled Keegan with joy and purpose to be able to connect with other humans and provide his own creative expression, but that all stopped in 2020 with the pandemic.

The pandemic forced him to understand what he truly loved and wanted to do with his life, it was through some very hard months that it became clear to him, acting and creating was his future. Keegan enrolled in the acting program at the Toronto Film School, and quickly knew he had made the right choice. Over the course of the year and a half program he found new purpose and life energy that he could directly apply to his art.

After graduating from school, he hit the streets searching for a good agency and that’s when he found Butler Ruston Bell. Over the last year Keegan worked closely with BRB on auditions every week, learning how to balance his life around work and auditioning all the time. Now in March of 2023, with Cat and DaCosta Talent as his new agency family, he couldn’t feel more in control and excited to share more of himself with this craft, this city, and the world.