Heather Wilson
Actor, Singer, Dancer
“Heather Wilson = vibrancy, sophistication, beauty, humor and massive talent. It has been my pleasure to work with Heather several times and she is in a class by herself. If she is in your show, count yourself lucky”
– Michael Lichtefeld, Broadway Choreographer

Heather E. Wilson was born and raised in Sudbury Ontario where she first set foot in the theatre at the young age of seven. After spending her entire childhood in vocal and dance lessons and performing on stage at the Sudbury Theatre Centre, Heather ventured to Toronto at the age of 16 for her first “cattle call” and got the part. That was it. She was leaving grade eleven early and spending four months away from family and home to work in Grand Bend at the Huron Country Playhouse. It was only after this experience that Heather knew she had to do this for a “living”.

After high school Heather opted for a career as a modern dancer and attended The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. However, after a year of not singing or lacing up her tap shoes she knew that was not the place for her and auditioned for Sheridan Colleges Musical Theatre Program where she then went on to graduate from three years later.

Graduating college and entering the “real world” was not as scary for Heather as it was for most graduates seeing as she was already an old pro at the audition and rejection thing. Since graduating almost nine years ago (here I am giving away my age). Heather has performed in both the east coast and west and all over Ontario in both Film and Television and Theatre.

Miss Wilson has been very blessed and fortunate to have had the experiences she’s had thus far. One of her fondest experiences was spending four months in Vancouver working along side Broadway director / choreographer Kathleen Marshall as dance captain for Disney’s “Once Upon A Mattress”. Meeting her all time idol ‘Carol Burnett’ and teaching her choreography. Carol said to Heather the first day they met “Why are all Heather’s so beautiful?” Heather also had the opportunity to spend a week in the recording studio doing the dance foley work for the entire film. One of the hardest things she’s ever done.

Heather spent four very memorable years at the Stratford Festival performing with some of Canada’s most talented! During those times she performed in 7 musicals, 1 play, 3 workshops, produced 2 dance cabarets and taught dance and musical theatre a whole heck of a lot.

It is thanks to her parents that Heather has had the career that she has. Her mother for driving her all around town for endless years to go to dance and vocal lessons, getting a second job just to pay for them and making all her costumes for competition. And her dad for always picking her ego up when it was down and telling her that he was proud of her no matter what.