Graeme Kitagawa
Non Union

Graeme (he/him) grew up in Brooks, Alberta where he started dancing at the age of 3. There he trained at Rhythmic Soles Dance Academy, beginning in Tap and then branching out into Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. Right from the start, Graeme showed an unmatched love for performing and felt comfortable in the spotlight. The stage became a place where he could break out of his shell, as he was a more reserved and quiet person. Along with dance, he expressed his artistic side with his love for music. Starting in piano and then tackling guitar and drums he soon became quite the musician. By the end of his time at the studio Graeme had become a very versatile dancer. He began to attend conventions such as Groove Street and Triple Threat giving him his first looks at the professional dance industry.

After graduation Graeme looked to advance his training to the professional level. He made his move to Vancouver to train at Habour Dance Centre as a member of the Intensive Training Program. Under the direction of Moe Brody, he had the opportunity to train with the top choreographers in Vancouver. After ITP Graeme completed two years with Joanne Pesusich and the Source Dance Company. In the company he started to develop his personal style as a dancer and began to explore creating choreography.

In his first few years in Vancouver, Graeme’s hard work and talent have been noticed. He is now teaching workshops and drop-in classes at Harbour Dance Centre along with tap classes at the Rhythm room. He has appeared on stage with Gateway Theater (The Music Man), and on film (Freaky Friday). Always hungry for the next challenge, Graeme is looking forward to what the future brings!