Deshaun Anderson

Deshaun Anderson is a Toronto based dancer who began training at the age of 12 years old. From a young age Deshaun had been fascinated with the aspect of live performance, specifically dance, which led him into a passion for the art. Throughout his adolesence he competed at many different competitions while training under Natalie Nesterenko, Mariano “Glizzi” Abarca, Derick Robinson, Tabby Rockstar, and more.

In recent years, Deshaun has competed on the debuting season of Canada’s Got Talent where he was the second runner-up as a member of The Renegades, a Toronto crew directed by Xavier Tu. Through The Renegades Deshaun expanded his knowledge in various hip-hop styles including locking, popping, breaking, house and more. Deshaun has also recently competed on the popular Quebecois dance show, Revolution where he was a semi-finalist as a member of a nine-man crew named “The M-Theory” In addition to television appearances, Deshaun has also appeared in Jon Vinyl’s music video for “Always” as well as competed at Hip Hop International in both the Adult and Megacrew divisions (a finalist in the latter).

Deshaun hopes to improve upon his craft, meet new people and learn from them as he continues his journey as a dancer.