Curtis Smith
Singer, Dancer
“The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”
– Unknown

Curtis’ passion for the arts began early on. As a toddler, he would spend hours creating masterpieces with pencil crayons, markers, and paint. By the age of six he added performing arts by way of singing and piano lessons, and at seven, he discovered his love of dance.

After two years of recreational hip hop and acro, he began competing at the age of nine in several dance genres, winning several awards, including a national title at age ten. Around this same time, he discovered acting, taking a lead in a musical; solidifying his love of the stage.

Curtis never stops moving and is dedicated to improving. Whether it’s an extra class, a workshop or a weekend convention, he views it as an opportunity not to be missed!

He has trained with vocal coaches, and trains with an acting coach. In addition to being on a competitive dance team, he has worked with several well-known choreographers, and had a lead in a live dance production, working with a new team of dancers and choreographers.

Most recently, Curtis had a principle role in an episode of a popular TV series. Currently he’s a student in the Regional Arts Program at Cawthra Park Secondary School, majoring in Dance.

Outside of performing, Curtis is a good student and enjoys skiing, swimming, design, and spending time with family and friends. Curtis is a kind, spirited soul, with boundless energy, and a true love of life… and performing!