Yuvi Randhawa
“With your hands carve out your own destiny.”
– Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Since a young age, Yuvi has been passionate about acting and performing. What captivated Yuvi about acting was being able to get inside the mind of a character and learn about their emotions, thoughts, and actions. It was this love for learning and his expressive nature that persuaded Yuvi to take acting classes in Toronto. He has taken various On Camera Training classes for film and television at institutions such as Armstrong Acting Studios and the Toronto Academy of Acting.

Yuvi’s love for acting extended into a love for film and television. He began to write short films and web series to improve his writing skills and better understand the various steps that are taken to bring an idea to life on television and movie screens all around the world. Alongside developing his writing skills, Yuvi created a YouTube channel where he takes on different challenges, interacts with the public, and learns new things.

Apart from film and television Yuvi loves to play sports and stay physically active. He has played competitive soccer for 15 years and enjoys playing various sports whenever he gets the chance to do so. Yuvi also has a passion for coding and software, which is what has led him to McMaster University where he is currently completing a Software Engineering degree.

Yuvi enjoys learning and is very excited for his future in the entertainment industry, where he plans to develop as an actor and make an appearance to a screen near you very soon!