Xavier Tu
Choreographer, Movement Coach
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
– Will Durant

Whether choreographing music videos for major label Canadian artists, building sets for the award-winning competitive team The Renegades, or performing live and on film, Xavier always seeks to bring innovation, creativity, and multidisciplinary approaches to his choreography and dance.

Beginning his dance journey by imitating his favourite street dancers off of YouTube, Xavier has gone on to perform and create in a wide array of facets of the industry- ranging from dancing on court with the Toronto Raptors North Side Crew to dancing on films by Disney and Netflix to national campaigns by international retailers such as Sport Chek and Wal-Mart.

Xavier has worked as Choreographer, Movement Coach, and Producer for an eclectic range of music videos, commercials, film/tv projects, theatre works, and international level-competitions, with clients including Universal Music Canada, RCA Records, Nobis, Chips Ahoy, Adidas, Canada’s Got Talent, EA, and The Next Step. Xavier seeks to create choreographic works informed by a blend of traditional foundational training and a keen eye for what is new and exciting in the modern media and dance landscape.