Victoria Dunsmore

Victoria moved to downtown Toronto in December 2012 to attend Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts (now Randolph College). She graduated the triple-threat program and immediately took a two-year hiatus. After much soul-searching, she refocused herself and made it her goal to get as much experience on camera as possible. She began making indie short and feature films with local filmmakers, shooting commercials for various Toronto businesses, modelling in creative photoshoots with up-and- coming photographers, and acting in multiple YouTube series with friends working freelance in film production around the city. She has taken classes with John Gordon at The Dirt Underneath (a game- changer), Pro Actors Lab with Andrea Runge, at RAW Studio under Sophie Ann Rooney, and at Unit 102 Actors’ Studio with Dave Lafontaine. January 2019 marks her one year anniversary of working professionally in Toronto’s Film and Television Industry, and she is very proud of what she has accomplished so far. Highlights include festival runs of the short film “Mirror” (Corey Glover, Nebulatté Productions), which had it’s World Premiere at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, followed shortly by it’s American premiere at the LA Crime and Horror Film Festival in Beverly Hills, CA. Greatly anticipated is her upcoming role as Ashley in “The Last Porno Show”, directed by Kire Paputts (Rainbow Kid, TIFF 2015) which is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, September 2019.