Vasili Prangikos
Actor, Singer, Dancer
“Live Life to the Fullest.”

Vasili Prangikos is a 14 year-old singer, dancer and actor from Toronto, Ontario. He is thrilled to be showcasing his talents in the musical comedy television series Take Note, which premiered in February 2022 on Peacock and Family Channel. This was Vasili’s breakout role on a major TV show.

Vasili has previously appeared in various Corus Entertainment projects and been a part of several music video productions. Since 2019, he has recorded music and toured Canada and the USA with the MINI POP KIDS, Canada’s #1 Kids Music Group, and has appeared across their platforms as a singer, dancer and social media personality. From an early age, he also began channeling his love for the performing arts by playing Michael Banks in the Theatre De La Salle production of Mary Poppins. He is always eager to get behind the camera and partake in filming opportunities.

Vasili has made a number of Television appearances and broadcast interviews such as Breakfast Television, CP24, The Closing Act / Telus TV, Spotlight TV, 105.9 The Region (CFMS), SiriusXM Canada Now, just to name a few.

Vasili is multi-talented with undeniable stage presence. “It was immediately clear he not only has the X Factor, he has the work ethic to back it up! Vasili knows exactly who he is and how to connect deeply to the audience. He knows what he needs to do to fill the gap from where he is to where he wants to be and won’t stop until he reaches his greatest potential” – Lorraine Lawson (CEO of Lawson Vocal Studios).

Most recently Vasili has also built a very large following on TikTok creating short and engaging viral videos that have inspired and brought joy to his fans – @iamvasili IG and TikTok. Vasili is always expanding his skill set by continuing to take training in acting, dance, music and vocals..