Troy P. Liddell
Choreographer, Actor
“ Choreography is more than putting a few steps together. It is understanding the main reason for the movement, knowing the characters and how they relate to the script. It is being able to express the thoughts of the individual in such a way, the audience would not have to ask why they did what they did.”
– Self

Hailing from the busy streets of New York City, Troy Liddell has emerged as one of Canada’s new rising and most sought after choreographers for film and television. With over 20 years of experience, both acting and dancing, he has become a rare find.

Technically trained in many dance forms including Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Swing & Tap, his skills have been put to good use on Broadway, various Disney venues and many other stages throughout the world. As a professional gymnast he has had the privilege of performing and choreographing for AntiGravity in New York City. However, what makes Troy such a unique choreographer, is his skill as an actor.

Trained as a drama major at The High School of Performing Arts in New York City, Troy has been able to make a solid career as an actor in both film and television. This ability has enabled him to understand the challenges that actors, with little dance experience, may face. Thus he is able to work with any type of performer. Troy has taken his skills as an actor, dancer and choreographer behind the camera, connecting with both Director and Actor to create choreography that would stand out on film.

This unique combination of both performer and choreographer has enabled Troy to get the best performances from such actors as Angela Basset, Raven Simone, Tia and Tamera Mowery, Boys II Men and many more.

Troy brings energy, enthusiasm, collaborative spirit and professionalism to every project.