Trevor Tordjman
Actor, Dancer
“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them”
– Walt Disney

As of the age of four Trevor Flanagan–Tordjman began to dance at his mother’s dance studio, ConfiDance. Having been exposed to, and trained in all forms of dance, he quickly developed a passion for Hip Hop and Break dancing and devoted much of his free time to develop his own unique style and hone his craft. During his pre-teen years, Trevor added drumming and rapping to his repertoire of talents.

His work in music videos includes appearances with Victoria Duffield and Shawn Desman. He has also danced in a host of local performances such as Foot Loose and in Joseph for KWMP. Trevor has also appeared in commercials sponsored by Family Channel. His latest and most accomplished gig involves a main role as ‘James’ in the scripted reality show, The Next Step. Trevor awaits his next challenge to take the world by storm!