Tre Carty
Actor, Dancer, Singer
“All the world’s a stage.”
– William Shakespeare

Tre Carty is a teen performer who loves singing, dancing, and acting. He is currently enrolled in the Regional Arts program for school. Tre loves to perform and enjoys the art of delighting audiences. Tre is best described by those who know him as a “born performer”.

For the past two years Tre has been a member of Canada’s #1 Kids Music Brand the Mini Pop Kids. This has been an exciting opportunity for Tre that has allowed him to record two music albums with the group, perform at live concerts while touring across the province, as well as make opportunities for TV appearances including an appearance on CityTV’s morning show Breakfast Television. Tre has also performed on several Mini Pop kid music videos some of which have had millions of views on YouTube. As a Mini Pop kid Tre can also be seen on TV commercials promoting music albums and the launch of an exclusive Walmart clothing brand. Tre likes to engage with his peers and has experience interacting with fans during Live Instagram and Facebook sessions and he has participated in educational work as well making recorded instructional videos for dance and vocal tutorials designed to assist in teaching other young aspiring performers who may be looking to learn how to sing and dance.

One of the highlights of Tre’s career thus far was when he was selected as a member of the Toronto Raptors Lil’ Ballas Dance Team where he was able to perform in front of 10’s of 1000’s of spectators at several Raptors games and events which included the 2019 Playoffs with a performance at the epic Raptors Championship parade which was attended by millions of spectators.

Tre is always working to improve and enhance his skills and enjoys practicing and rehearsing either with his vocal coach or by participating in acting workshops so that he can continue to grow as a performer.