Tessa Kozma
Actor, Dancer, Musician, Voice Actor
“The formula for happiness and success is just, being actually yourself, in the most vivid and possible way you can.”

Tessa is a 13 year old Canadian artist with passion for acting, dance, music and animation voice over. Her love for performance at a very young age lead her to explore and grow her talents through a variety of industry projects and recording opportunities.

Her heart and soul are in acting: “There is no place I’d rather be than filming on set!” Some of Tessa’s recent lead roles in TV and Film include a variety of complex and exciting characters. She played dark and intense role of Beth in thriller “Motherly”, sweet and talented Princess Maya in Hallmark’s “A Christmas Carousel”, and wise beyond her years Lily in “Christmas in Washington” for LifeTime TV.

Tessa is a competitive dancer who excels in ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. She represented Team Canada at the World Dance Championships in Prague, Czech Republic, proudly bringing home Silver Medal! In 2019 Tessa auditioned and was accepted into Professional Ballet Program at Canada’s National Ballet School. She was later interviewed by CBC about her dance journey and experience at NBS, featuring her story on the beautiful dance series “The Move III: Kids” that aired on CBC Gem in 2020.

An accomplished pianist, Tessa is currently pursuing her RCM9 certification while participating in local and international competitions. Her dedication and hard work have been recognized and awarded with offers to perform at the festivals as a classical pianist, including an opportunity with Costa Rican Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tessa loves to travel the world, learning about different cultures and languages. She’s been fortunate to travel to many destinations for a variety of projects, competitions and just hanging out with her family.