Tessa Kozma
Actor, Dancer, Musician, Voice Actor
Non Union
“Pay attention to the things you are naturally drawn to. They are often connected to your path, passion, and purpose in life. Have the courage to follow them.”
– Ruban Chavez

At 11 years old, Tessa is a versatile artist with a passion for acting, dance, music, singing and animation voice over. Her curiosity and love for performance at a very young age lead her to explore and grow her talents through a variety of industry projects and recording opportunities.

Tessa started playing piano when she was 4 years old. Her musical abilities were quickly noticed by adjudicators and audiences alike at the regional and national competitions and concerts. Her hard work earned her RCM7 piano certificate when she turned 10, and in 2019 Tessa received several offers to perform at the international festivals as a classical pianist, including an opportunity with Costa Rican Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a young musician, Tessa enjoys practicing and performing with jazz, pop and rock bands; singing and playing various instruments (piano, ukulele and drums are her favourites). One of the highlights of Tessa’s music portfolio was a recording with her favourite Canadian band “Walk Off The Earth” as a featured artist.

Tessa’s heart and soul are in acting: “There is no place I’d rather be than filming on set!” This young actress appeared in international TV / Web commercials for major brands, including Moose Toys, Spin Master, Kid Food Nation by President’s Choice, Hatchimals, RBC Kidsplanations and a few other fun projects. In 2019, Tessa booked her first lead and supporting roles on two TV series, and loved playing a variety of challenging characters.

Tessa is a competitive dancer who excels in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and hip-hop. In 2018 she went to represent Team Canada Dance at the World Dance Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. Happy tears of joy poured out of Tessa when Team Canada placed second overall and brought home Silver! Shortly after Tessa came back to Canada, she auditioned and was accepted into Professional Ballet Program at Canada’s National Ballet school.

This young artist loves to draw, and this is the skill that propelled Tessa into animation voice over work! In 2018-2019, she created a collection of animated characters, wrote scripts to give each one a unique voice, and worked with “Great Big Voices” recording studio to produce her first voice over demo showcasing over a dozen various voices including a thousand year old mummy, a baby, a carton of milk in the fridge and a young T-Rex.

Tessa loves to travel the world, and is very curious about different cultures and languages. She’s been fortunate to travel to many destinations for a variety of projects, competitions and just hanging out with her family.