Tama Martin
Actor, Dancer, Singer
“Even if you’re little, you can do a lot”
– Tim Minchin for Matilda the musical

Born and raised on the Caribbean island, St. Kitts, Tama is a magnetic dancer, actress and musician. Her undying love for the performing arts began at the age of 3, always wanting to put on performances in front of friends and family at every possible moment; her idea of fun and games. She began her training at the Children’s Dance Theatre in St. Kitts where she learned ballet, jazz, contemporary and afro-caribbean dance styles. Her passion grew immensely and her training expanded extensively to include learning modern, hip hop, street jazz and theatre jazz. When she moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to attend Saint Mary’s University in 2014, Tama continued her training at Halifax Dance. On a school trip to the Model United Nations conference in New York, Tama took advantage of the opportunity to take classes at Broadway Dance Centre. She strongly believes in training in different styles, as she feels that each dance genre can help another. She is especially proud of her afro-caribbean dance training, which she feels is the source of her fierce strength when performing other genres.

Less than a month after graduating with a Bachelors of Commerce in Halifax, Tama’s passion for dance pushed her to make the brave move to Toronto. Tama is no stranger to hard work. Her zeal for musical theatre led her to perform in The Rocky Horror Show, Mary Poppins and Once On This Island for the Lower Ossington Theatre. She trains mostly at Metro Movement dance studio, and is continually explores more dance genres. She feels there is no Tama without Dance, hence she plans to dance forever. It is escapism, “diving into it, without thinking, like a child without a care in the world, cares aside, fears aside, just living for this feeling!” Tama has said that she discovers something new about herself after every time she dances, and thinks the world would be a nicer place if everyone danced. She looks forward to falling even more and more in love with it!

Tama is also an accomplished musician, mastering the piano, drum set and steel pan. She is a certified pianist, having trained at the Lawrence School of Music from the age of 6 to 19 in classical and contemporary piano. After one church service, 13 year old Tama snuck behind the drum kit and just started playing. She was invited by the choir director the next week to swing for the resident drummer when he was not available. She also learnt the steel pan from Trinidadian pan legend, Earl ‘Boots’ Jones, during summer camps before invited by Boots himself to join the island’s National Steel Orchestra. Throughout the end of high school, Tama became the resident pianist for her church’s choir for 3 years and has performed classical and contemporary music for various events on the island.