Sylvia J. Osei
“You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe”
– Oprah Winfrey

As a young girl growing up in Virginia, USA, Sylvia Osei always knew that becoming an actor was what she felt most strongly about, that standing in the limelight was where she felt most herself. Her first acting gig confirmed what she had always known, that this was her path, her calling and purpose. Being on set is where she feels most at home. With the exception of her family, acting has and remains her greatest love. And like any remarkable love story, life without acting is quite simply, unfathomable.

With each new role comes the freedom to get lost in the characters. As a shy yet precocious individual, Sylvia found that the world often required her to pick and choose who and what she was, never free to explore all the different ranges of emotions, some often contradictory. Acting has provided Sylvia an outlet to express various parts of the human psyche that real life often requires us to compartmentalize. The ability to connect with people emotionally, to draw them in with her talent is a gift. This gift has taken career internationally working both in Toronto and New York.

Sylvia has been featured in films from Obsessed Tenant, Black Sorority Project to Soul Food, God’s Own Country, Hero Dogs of 9/11. Black Panther Women, a play that Sylvia was in received rave reviews from the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Lending from Oprah Winfrey’s infamous words, “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe” Sylvia is invested in continuing to manifest her dreams. Get familiar with the name and face because Sylvia is here to stay.