Stela Trudeau
Actor, Singer
“The Impossible is Only the Untried.”
– W.Ross Macdonald School and resource centre for the visually impaired and deafblind

Stela Trudeau Was born in Romania and adopted at the age of three by a loving French Canadian family . It was her love for music and the way she danced in hallways that made her stand out from the other children while at the orphanage. Growing up she was given the opportunity to take dance and piano lessons. She studied intermediate Jazz, Tap and Ballet. Her passion for musical theatre grew when at the young age of 12 she landed the role of Joseph in the French adaptation of the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat at her French-language elementary school . Her experience inspired her to pursue acting as well as study dance, piano and voice more seriously. Her involvement with Chorus Niagara Children’s Choir and Niagara Star singers has helped her build her confidence on stage.

Stela had the pleasure of taking part in many Linus Hand Productions over the years. The most memorable musicals for her were, Annie, where she played the role of Nelly,an orphan and Peter Pan where she played the role of Tootles, a lost boy. Throughout the years, Stela has performed and shared the stage with the Kitchener Waterloo symphony, the Niagara symphony, the Greg Frewin theatre and performed at the winter festival of lights in Niagara Falls.

Currently Stela is in her last year studying at Wilfrid Laurier University finishing her Honours Bachelor in music education with a Minor in French. During her time at Laurier, she has had the pleasure of studying with Kimberly Barber and Marianne Bindig who are both well known classical voice Professors at the University. Classically trained soprano/ mezzo-soprano, she is trained to sing in German, French, Italian and English. During her time at Laurier, she has taken Part of the Laurier Concert Choir who had the pleasure of performing in the opera Carmen held at the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts. She also has on many occasions sung the bilingual Canadian national anthem during hockey, football and basketball games. Most recently she performed the Canadian anthem for a city council meeting held in Niagara Falls which was aired on TV. Involved in many clubs during her time at Laurier, she loved taking part of the Laurier Equestrian team where she got to ride and care for the horses.

When Stela is not performing, she is teaching music or facilitating art programs with people of all ages who are blind /partially sighted and who have other disabilities. Her passion and involvement stem from her own vision loss. Unexpectedly at the age of 17, she lost a significant amount of sight due to an eye condition called Stargardt’s disease leaving her legally blind. She is able to use her vision in familiar environments but does utilize a guide dog or white cane in unfamiliar environments.Her sight loss hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves best which is sharing her passion for the arts with those around her.

Her involvement with the low vision/ blind community continues as she currently works at the W. Ross Macdonald school for the blind, CNIB Lake Joe as a music specialist and is an executive member of the National Youth Council for the CNIB. Stela hopes to promote a positive and authentic representation of disability on screen as well as continue to grow as an artist. Stela looks forward to continuing her education in Teachers College this coming September in hopes of becoming a french music teacher.