Stela Trudeau
Actor, Singer
ACTRA Apprentice
“The Impossible is Only the Untried.”
– W.Ross Macdonald School and resource centre for the visually impaired and deafblind

Stela Trudeau was born in Romania, adopted and raised in Ontario, Canada. She grew up speaking both French and English. Having always shown an interest for the arts,she has taken voice, dance and piano lessons. As her passion for the arts grew , she chose to study music professionally in University.

Currently, in 2021, Stela has obtained an Honours Bachelor in Music as well as a French Minor from Wilfrid Laurier University. During her time at the University, she has had the pleasure of studying with Kimberly Barber and Marianne Bindig who are both well known classical voice Professors at the University. Classically trained soprano/ mezzo-soprano, she is trained to sing in German, French, Italian and English. During her time at Laurier, she has taken Part of the Laurier Concert Choir and was a member of the Laurier Equestrian team .

When Stela is not performing, she is teaching music or facilitating art programs with people of all ages who are blind /partially sighted and who have other disabilities. Her passion and involvement stem from her own vision loss. Unexpectedly at the age of 17, she lost a significant amount of sight due to an eye condition leaving her legally blind. She is able to use her remaining vision in familiar environments but does utilize a guide dog in unfamiliar environments.Her sight loss hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves best which is sharing her passion for the arts with those around her.

Stela continues to grow as an artist and looks forward to continuing her education in Teachers College this coming September as a Teacher candidate.