Spyke Swenson
Voice Actor
“Life happens, wherever you are, whether you make it or not.”
– Iroh

Everything about Toronto artist, Spyke Swenson (he/him) is unconventional and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Like most of us, as a child Spyke dreamed of being a pop star, but unlike most of us, he decided to take action as soon as his 12th birthday hit. That was the first time he put pen to paper, and the result was a pop song about being Canadian, complete with some stereotypical, sarcastic “eh’s” just for the fun of it. That’s Spyke though, everything he does he does with full-force, intensity, and an unbridled passion.

It’s this tenacity that has led him to audition for television staples Canadian Idol and Canada’s Got Talent, and to write, record and independently release two EPs: 2014’s “One in a Billion” and 2016’s “Immaturity”.

Spyke first got into acting when he was in high school. At the time he thought it would just be a fun course to take but then fell in love with the craft. Though he never got a large role in a school play he always excelled at performing skits. For one of his culminating assignments he and another student performed a variation of the Monty Python “Fish License” in which his performance as the cashier got audience roaring with laughter.

Spyke flirted with the idea of becoming a voice actor when he was 19. After replying to an ad he saw on social media, He attended the first workshop his mentor Christian Potenza ever hosted. After that Spyke decided to focus solely on his music career. After a serendipitous coincidence in 2018, Spyke returned to work with Christian as well as his colleagues Melanie Davis, Stephanie Yelovich and Tarah Consoli at The Infinity Forge to further develop his voice acting skills.

With plans to expand on his skills as a songwriter his never ending drive to learn and build his skills, Spyke demonstrates that there’s never a goal too small if you just keep on running.