Sarah Francis
Actor, Dancer, Singer
“Luck, is when preparation meets opportunity.”
– Seneca

Sarah Francis Jones, a Toronto native, discovered her love for performing at the tender age of four. Taking on mature responsibilities of appearing in live stage musicals and hosting tv shows at such a young age, prepared her for a life long career as a triple threat. Born to tell stories through her god given talents, she dedicated her time to training; studying many genres of dance (Jazz, Tap, Ballet and hip hop) just to name a few.

At 10 years old Sarah was nominated at the Young Artist Awards, for “best supporting actress” in her first movie role. It was that moment, the Toronto native was on a mission to live in Los Angeles to pursue her dreams.

She has since traveled the world, dancing for artists such as Lil Wayne, The City Girls, Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers, while landing roles in award winning, feature films that include Hairspray(2007) and Honey(2003).

You can spot her in Disney’s Decendants and Camp Rock series, or find her on major television/streaming networks such as ABC, MTV, BET, Much Music, and Netflix. For this bicoastal triple threat, sky is the limit. Follow Sarah Francis Jones on her journey to success.