Sarah Formosa
Actor, Dancer
Non Union
“Sarah is a wonderful young woman, brimming with promise and full of drive to succeed and do well in all that she does, including all human interactions and relationships. She is a formidable force on stage, both technically precise and beautifully strong as well as emanating fiery charisma and sheer love of moving in space. She inspires and attracts both her competitors and her peers and is a splendid student to teach.”
– Sarah Brewer-Clowes

Born and raised in the greater Vancouver area, Sarah Formosa has always had a love for performing and began dancing at the age of three. Upon graduation, she decided to go a more classical route after being accepted to the prestigious Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training Program in 2014 in San Francisco, California. Since Sarah’s return to Vancouver in 2016, she has widened her lens, and works in all styles of dance as a freelance contemporary artist and on camera in film and television.

As a contemporary artist, Sarah has had the opportunity to work professionally with David Harvey, Ralph Escamillan, Heather Dotto, Heather Laura Gray, Josh Beamish, The Vancouver Opera, Jennifer Mcleish-Lewis, Alameda Civic Ballet Company, and the response. Dance Company. She is honoured to currently be working with TWObigsteps Collective, Vision Impure, Raven Spirit Dance Company, Judith Marcuse Projects and Wen Wei Dance Company. Sarah has been a choreographer in residence with Dances for a Small Stage since January 2018 and her work has been presented by Small Stage and Dancing on the Edge Vancouver.

On screen, Sarah has had the pleasure of working with Disney (Descendants 3), Nickelodeon (Blurt), Lifetime (Death of a Cheerleader) and The ABC Network (Once Upon a Time). She is grateful to have shared the space with Michelle Johnston, Kenny Ortega and Jamal Sims during these experiences. As a live performer, Sarah had the opportunity to join Wanting Qu as a dancer and choreographer for her set for the Albatross Music Festival in Vancouver.

Most recently, Sarah has started her journey as an actor and is happy to be working and training with AMAW Studios under master teacher Frank Zotter. Sarah is inspired by all art mediums including voice work and as a high-level gymnast. She is excited to add acting to her bag of tricks and will continue to work and learn to become the best artist she can be.