Roshan Amendra
Actor, Dancer, Stunts
“ Combines stamina with insane flexibility. The guy can drive any move, defying laws of gravity and range of motion . He’s creative, spontaneous and mostly airborne in performance.
Truly awe- inspiring!”
– Nadia Bakir, Live Industrial Engager

Watching Roshan perform, is like riding a rollercoaster, and watching fireworks at the same time. He keeps his audience on edge as he defies gravity. He consistently brings about spontaneous applause for his feats. Rosh is undeniably known for his never ending repertoire of powerhouse stunts and tricks.

Roshan has proven himself as an athlete, and experienced many successes as a gymnast, representing Canada at numerous international competitions and the World Gymnastics Championships. After retiring from gymnastics, Roshan felt the need to continue challenging himself physically as well as artistically. Break-dancing, parkour and martial arts seemed to be the most logical way to combine his aptitude for tricking with his need to be creative and perform.

As a teacher Roshan is patient and kind, his students respond to him with dedication and focus. Because of his attention to detail and his own commitment to training, his students are inspired, and as a result they are extremely motivated to improve. He is living proof that if you work hard and stay focused you can excel at whatever you desire. Everyone who knows him recognizes Roshan’s success as an athlete, as a performer, as a teacher, and ultimately as a genuinely excellent person.