Riyad Hussain
Comedian, Actor
“Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment.”
– Horace

Riyad Hussain is an actor, comedian and model living in Toronto, ON. He grew up immersed in the industry; participating in acting, modelling and theatre. He decided to further his skills by enrolling in Comedy Writing & Performance at Humber College in 2016.

There, he learned relevant information pertaining to the comedy, acting, and voice aspects of the business. He learned how to write and perform stand-up comedy and sketches, developed his physical acting and improv abilities, and wrote a TV show pilot along with a show bible.

Riyad has spent years developing his own style of stand up, acting, and writing. He’s put on sketches on at Comedy Bar, performed at various Yuk Yuks locations, and hit several of the GTA’s finest venues.

Since graduating, Riyad has also worked in many commercial and print advertisements. He plans on honing in on his acting skills in order to work more in the TV side of the industry.