Reine Swart
Actor, Dancer
“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
– Maya Angelou

Reine Swart is an actor-writer-director originally from South Africa, who moved to the US before moving to Toronto. Her work experience spans from North America to Africa. She has worked as a lead and support on productions such as Triggered as seen on Hulu, Twentieth Century Studio’s The Empty Man alongside James Badge Dale, The Lullaby by Oscar nominated Director Darrel Roodt, and National Geographic Channel’s Origins.

She started her Film and Television career as a principal lead in the Afrikaans TV show, Villa Rosa, whilst finishing a degree in engineering. Nonetheless she decided to pursue a career in the film industry and is very passionate about her work. Reine was nominated as best performer at the South African Film and Television Awards and The African Academy Awards for her leading role in The Lullaby. She worked on feature films and TV series such as Nul is Nie Niks Nie, Die Pro, Somerson, Boland Moorde, Geraamtes in die Kas, BBC’s Jamillah and Aladdin, Losing Addison, The Refuge, Siklus, Bloedbroers, Droomdag and O Vet. Die Pro is the first Afrikaans Surf Film for South Africa wherein she portrayed the co-lead.

Another highlight in her career was working with incredibly talented Bel Powley and Tye Sheridan on the feature film Detour which premiered at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival. Other popular productions include Syfy’s Dominion and Z-Nation as seen on Netflix amongst her acting credits.

Moreover, she co-founded the Kleinkaap Short Film Festival in 2016 – a Festival that focuses on giving deserved exposure to short films in South Africa. Reine’s directorial and feature length screenplay debut, Heks, was acquired in 2020 by Reel Suspects, Cleopatra Entertainment in North America, M-Net in Africa and more territories. She has furthermore written and directed numerous short format productions.

Reine is fascinated by characters, storytelling, and how it affects the audience.