Reggie Quintana
Non Union

Reggie Quintana’s (him/him/his) passion for the performing arts developed at a young age. Inspired by renowned dance competition shows such as Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, he tried his first breaking class at age 10 at Spiral Dance Co. in White Rock B.C. After only a few classes, Reggie quickly found a solid connection to music and movement. His drive was persistent. The following year, he fully enrolled in the competitive program training in ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and hip hop, under the direction of Loretta Sramek. This led him to exploring, training, and competing in more styles such as lyrical and contemporary.

Through dance auditions, Reggie was connected to da Costa Talent Management and signed with them in 2018. This allowed him to connect dance and film, leading to an interest in acting as well. Since being signed, he has worked on Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas (Roku), Quantum Leap (NBC), and Monster High 2 (Nickelodeon), to name a few, where he has worked with esteemed choreographers such as Mandy Moore and Heather Laura Gray.

In 2019, at 14 years of age, Reggie competed with Team Canada Dance under the direction of Allison Law, where he was a part of the Junior modern/contemporary and ballet/jazz teams. While competing with Team Canada Dance in Poland, he got a taste of the choreography aspect of dance and competed a self-choreographed solo.

In 2020, Reggie wanted to pursue and expand his knowledge of street styles. He began to train at A3 District with Carlo Atienza and Roberta Bierman. A3 District allowed him to discover additional street styles including locking, popping, and afro. He has gone on to compete with A3 District at Canada’s Got Talent (Citytv) in Niagara Falls, and Monsters of Hip Hop in Nashville, Tennessee.

Reggie enjoys the challenge of dancing alongside different dancers, and it has pushed him to work harder. This inspired him to accept the opportunity to dance under Rachael Poirier at Poirier Productions in 2021. He trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, and tap under Rachael, and competed as part of her company. At Poirier, Reggie continues to pursue choreography and is fortunate to be able to create competitive group and solo pieces for the studio.