Rebecca McIntyre
Actor, Dancer

Rebecca “Never Judge a Book By Its Cover” Petite Power House. Rebecca’s desire and passion to dance started at just before 2 years old. She put on her Big Sis’ tap shoes and she was on her way to dancing up her dreams.

Becca often receives recognition for Personality Performance. By 10 Years old, Becca danced and still dances weekly at The Toronto Raptors Games in front of 20,000 people. A massive commitment and opportunity. Becca was performing at the 2018 Dance Finals for her Title. Becca’s desire to be better often outweighs her nerves. Becca not only won first place for her solo at the Finals, and had the highest hip hop score of the Finals, one of the judges reached out to her after and recruited her for the 2018 Mini Pop Kids Videos. An amazing opportunity to work with top choreographers and new friends.

Becca has been performing with Trudy & Peter Aylin at Diversified Theatre for the last 4 years starting from the age of 7 as a dancer in the ensemble. A true learning experience of commitment of time, performing in live shows, working with professionals. An incredible opportunity to learn how a professional show comes together. Becca has also danced for a season with local Toronto Music Artist Marlow in the Mix.

Becca is currently representing Team Canada for World Cup 2019 in Portugal. Becca is looking to perform and understands that performance involves more than dance. Acting & Singing play an important part in the overall package. Becca looks forward to opening new doors to her already building resume. Becca hopes when she grows up that she can travel the world, perform and make a difference. Her incredible work ethic, thick skin and never-ending energy will help her soar above the dreams she desires.