Ralph de Groot

Ralph de Groot (he/him) is a Greater Toronto area based actor known most recently for his acclaimed series, CorkScrewedTV where Ralph was Co-Host and Executive Producer. The show is a light-hearted approach to learning about wine for people who really know nothing about it. Ralph lives in the heart of Niagara wine country and legitimately knew nothing about wine, so he made a show about his journey and licensed it around the world!

Trained at the esteemed Second City Conservatory, Ralph is no stranger to improv and comedy garnering many commercial roles showcasing his wit and charm. Ralph has also worked with the legendary Lewis Baumander. At 6’ 4” Ralph’s stature lends itself to more imposing roles like lawyers, cops and assassins on Universal’s ‘Covert Affairs’ the OCF’s ‘Kiss of Death’. Ralph plays many roles on and off the screen, a father to four children, husband and creative entrepreneur Ralph loves telling stories and making a scene!