Paxton Nair
Dancer, Actor
“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Paxton Nair loves dancing and performing, with his big range of emotions inspiring and moving those who watch him. Through dance, singing, music, acting, and public speaking, Paxton thrives when he has an audience.

He has been growing his performance skills since he was three-years-old. His parents saw a need to channel his energy and desire to jump, dance, and climb everything, so they started him in breakdancing at that young age.

Pulled away by his strong athletic abilities in baseball and basketball, Paxton entered the competitive sports world at the age of seven. This was a good experience for him but preferring to spend his time dancing, shifting to hip hop and breakdance lessons. Seeing his abilities and potential, Paxton is grateful to have been connected with a prominent breakdance leader who is now providing him with private coaching.

Paxton’s performance abilities are not limited to dance; he has been involved in the well-known Amabile Boys’ Choir since the age of seven, has taken piano lessons, and has enrolled in several Original Kids acting summer camps. He likes music lessons but much prefers to teach himself, spending a great amount of time learning fun music on the piano and now the guitar and ukulele.

When Paxton isn’t dancing, which is most of the time, he is in the backyard choreographing lightsaber duels with this brother. He loves anything outside, including downhill skiing, hiking, swimming, and playing in the snow. Paxton also really enjoys travelling, having been to Europe, the Caribbean, around the US, and in most of Canada already.