Onija Bennett
Actor, Dancer
“You will be lost, and unlost, over and over again, relax love. you were meant to be this glorious. Epic. Story”
– Nayyirah Waheed

At the age of 17 Onija’s love and appreciation for the arts began to bloom into a passion for dance. With no prior dance experience he started educating himself by watching videos from youtube and his friends dancing. His love for dance and the arts grew and he moved to Toronto to pursue a career in dance. After dancing for a year Onija was convinced that this was the path he wanted to follow and he began to explore the opportunities of the dance community in Toronto, which eventually brought him to DARK dance company where he joined both the hip-hop company headed by Lineen Doung and the Contemporary company headed by Allison Bradley.

Now at twenty three years old, Onija has had time to grow and develop as an industry professional which has in turn provided him many opportunities to share and express his artistry these include production titles such as Akoma, Ashes, Child Soldier, Iceberg Principle as well as many community performances such as Choreographers Ball, Fever After Dark, Industry Night, Bazzar and others. As a current member of AIM, (artist in motion) dance company directed by Shameka Blake, Onija has been fortunate enough to have had opportunities to expand on his artistry and has had the pleasure of learning from some of Toronto’s best dancers and Choreographers; e.g Shameka Blake, Allison Bradely, Leon Blackwood, Hollywood Jade, Lineen Doung , Chris Clarke, Esie Mensah , Siona Jackson and many more.

With a strive and ambition for Performance , Onija trains to continue to widen his scope of the arts to become a more versatile performer, while cultivating his own unique style of dance by blending elements and techniques from his favourite styles. He would like to eventually start his own company to help train the next generation of artists.