Oliver Castillo
Actor, Singer
“Oliver is an exciting emerging talent. He brings an honesty and maturity to his work that is unlike most at his age. He is a thoughtful actor – he makes smart, bold choices – and has a voice that you could listen to for days. I love working with Oliver – always happy to be in the room, always ready to do the work.”
– Julie Tomaino, Choreographer/ Director

Born in Vancouver, Oliver began preforming when he was 8 years old, singing in the B.C. Boys choir, as well as playing the flute. Having spent a majority of his focus on music, it wasn’t until the 10th grade when he was coerced into auditioning for a community show, that Oliver became involved with acting. Having spent his high school years in Chilliwack, there wasn’t much opportunity for film, television, or professional theatre to enable him to pursue his passion.

Having been born in Vancouver, Oliver moved back after high school and enrolled in the Musical Theatre program at Capilano University. After the three years of training in acting, singing and dancing, Oliver continued onto complete the fourth year Bachelor of Performing Arts program.

Since graduating, Oliver has continued with his training, worked with Sharpe Sound Studios and DBC Sound doing WALLA work and was delighted to have made his Art Club debut in the 2015 remount of Les Miserables.