Ohryong Kwon
“I am no actor and I never have been. What you see on the screen is me.”
– Clark Gable

Ohryong (she/her) is an actor based in Toronto and Seoul. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Ohryong made her debut in 2019 as soon as he graduated from high school by joining a South Korean professional troupe, H-Project. Starting as the youngest and the newest member taking small roles and then eventually becoming to be able to take lead roles, Ohryong has been passionately expanding the scope of her acting career. She studied Drama and Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

Ohryong’s credits in film include some South Korean productions, mostly as lead or important supporting roles, such as Take New (2022), Papa L’americano (2021), and Those Who Won’t Marry (2021). She has also participated in plays such as Flower Tomb (2021), Romeo and Juliet (2019), and Suspicious Courtgirl (2019). While most of her previous works have taken place in South Korea, her acting experience in Canada includes her playing the lead role in the play Drowning Ophelia at the Helen Gardiner Playhouse.

As an actor, Ohryong finds her strength especially in her ability in boxing. As a competitive boxer, she has experience in fighting a bout and also has worked as a boxing coach. She is also a poet who published the poetry book High Sea Watch in 2022. In 2016, she won First Place at the Odyssey of the Mind competition’s theater division (national level) while playing the lead role.