Nicoletta Nyarkoa
Actor, Dancer
“Don’t go down low, pick yourself back up and have some fun!”
– Self

Nicoletta is a vibrant and energetic 9-year-old. She loves to learn and has a gift for speaking. She has a natural knack for languages and attended French immersion classes from JK to Grade 2 with plans to continue.

Nicoletta enjoys singing, swimming, dancing, and gymnastics. Nicoletta has taken recreational gymnastics, dancing, and swimming classes. She is a natural and quite gifted in teaching herself to learn and master skills. She is a bright, smart and affable 9-year-old child. She can make any room brighter with her presence. Nicoletta is also affectionately known as Coco, the other half of the Coco & Charlie podcast, a faith-based podcast for children and their parents.