Naomi Bowen
Dancer, Actor
“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”
– Tim Notke

In this day and age, most people are born with great talent and skills which makes breaking into the film industry challenging as there is not much diversity. Diversity within race, gender and sexuality slowly emerging into the workplace is amazing for individuals who finally get the opportunity to showcase their talents. But, at the end of the day an individual who is willing to try new things and work 310%, will be more valuable than a talented person who only gives 100%. That is the definition of Naomi Bowen (she/her). A young aspiring artist using her work ethic to make an impact not only for herself, but for her communities. Being a black female is not easy, but she is always willing to put her best foot forward in anyroom she walks into, making it a positive atmosphere! Naomi loves to dance, make new friends, and smile. She is a wonder to work with as she has been a competitive dancer for 10+ years training in multiple styles such as : ballet, jazz, tap,acro, contemporary, hip hop and a little bit of ballroom. Naomi has had a glimpse of the industry working with Toronto artists such as Linda Garneau, Mitch Jacks and Derek Piquette. She may be small, but she is indeed a mighty force that everyone will want to work with!