Nadia White
Actor, Dancer
“I’ve worked with Nadia for years and continue to be impressed by her professionalism, versatility and powerful presence. Nadia’s unique voice as a young dancer inspires me and I look forward to hiring her again and again.”
– Megan Lawson, Choreographer

Nadia is a dancer, choreographer, and actor born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After moving to Vancouver, BC, she quickly booked roles on shows including, CW’s ‘Riverdale’, Syfy’s ‘Deadly Class’, Amazon’s ‘Man in the High Castle’, and CW’s ‘Charmed’. In her debut to the indy film circuit, Nadia received accolades from the Oniros Film Awards for her leading role and work as choreographer in the short film ‘Eclosion’. Nadia continues to regularly perform in music videos and a favourite so far has been “S.Lot” by Melo LV which has reached over 1 million views on YouTube.

From a young age, Nadia has trained extensively in hip hop, contemporary, jazz, ballet, and ballroom and she completed the International Baccalaureate Dance Program for Composition at Victoria School of the Arts- where she found her voice as a choreographer. Most recently, Nadia’s extraordinary technique and unique flare were leant to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ ‘Anthem of the Seas’ where she toured internationally performing as a dancer/aerialist.

Nadia continues to train regularly in acting with top coaches at ACT2, Railtown Actors Studio and Austin Tuck Studios. Nadia can be seen as an actor in the film Daughter, and is excited for the future of her career in this art form.

Nadia is a force to be reckoned with. She is a chameleon artist, committed to embodying any style and character given to her. Her innate ability as a performer and creator paired with her unwavering drive makes her unstoppable. She is excited to continue bringing the visions of other creators, as well as her own to life, and is hungry to learn and further develop her skills.