Mila Tupy
Actor, Dancer
“Sky’s the limit.”
– Biggie Smalls

Mila is a Kitchener, Ontario native who has over 10 years of competitive dance experience. She has studied and performed in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop and Acro under the teachings of Kimberly Kay, Kathryn Kuwabara and Jay T. Schramek. Mila has also trained with B-Boy Paul “Kaze” Thorton studying in Hip-Hop, Breakdancing and Popping and was given the B-Girl name GirlKaze.

Mila has a love for performing. In addition to appearing in commercials, Mila booked the role of Karen Davidson in the 2019 Stratford Festival production of Billy Elliot: The Musical. She also played the role of Liz Johnson in the short film, Erin’s Guide To Kissing Girls. She is excited to have booked a principal role in an upcoming Disney movie.

One of Mila’s most memorable moments to this day was meeting Kobe Bryant when she was performing with the Toronto Raptors Junior Dance Pak: L’il Ballas during one of the many Toronto Raptors home games.

Mila enjoys playing basketball, videogames, and coding. She also enjoys learning new skills such as skateboarding and skiing. Her favourite subjects are Math and Computer Science. She has embraced her discovery of the Hip-Hop culture, appreciating the music as well as respects that it embodies and values resilience, understanding, community and social justice.