Michael Brockman
Actor, Singer
”Michael …a truly talented soul”
– Nino Palazzolo, Director

Born and raised in the small town of Essex Ontario (some may argue it’s the armpit of Canada, but to Michael “home is where the heart is”) and blessed into a large family of 7, Michael had no complaints. “5 wacky children and 2 of the most amazing and loving and caring and supportive parents 5 farts could ever ask for! Growing up in the boonies, you depended on family…I mean, we had neighbors, but my fam-jam rocked so why stray when you got it so good!??” Around town Michael’s family was equivalent to the Brady Bunch accept the Brockman’s more eccentric and a tad more dysfunctional, “We were all comedians…we could act and dang could we sing, most of us for that matter”. In due time Michael gained 6 besties who helped him realize that he was an ‘oh-naturelle’ when it came to the entertainment biz, “I carried an infectious energy, and I had a voice that made people listen”. By grade 5 Michael realized he had a dream – to be a star!!! (What that meant, only time would tell).

Unable to define himself as an artist at such a young age, Michael focused on the basics: technique! “I wanted to be everything” Michael says, “a rock star, a model, Hollywood icon…I still do, but at the time I wasn’t sure where to focus my energy”. It was when Michael was 16 that he signed with Peter Palazollos Polar Bear Music. “It was a talent agency located in Windsor Ontario representing artists looking to land a record deal. Me and Pete created music for 2 few years, got some great originals under our belt. Sent them to Sony, Jive, and man we must’ve knocked on so many doors”. Tables turned when unplanned director/accomplished musician came knocking on Mike’s door saying ‘come hither Mr. Vibrato’. Pete’s brother Nino Palazzolo believed Mike had a voice fit for music theatre. Now finding himself under the new direction and guidance of Nino Palazollo, Michelle Mailloux and Connie Powers, Michael shone bright and won the hearts of many throughout the community in both local and high school theatre. Highlights include Jesus (Jesus Christ Superstar), Bobby Child (Crazy for You), Nick Piazza (Fame) and Joseph (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat).

With a high school diploma now in hand, Michael quickly made the decision to pack his bags and move to the big city of Oakville, Ontario to major in the Music Theatre Program at the prestigious Sheridan College. “First things first” Michael says, “I came out of the closet”. With the love and support of friends and family and a new-found respect for himself, Michael’s smile grew wider and those teeth shone brighter. “I was overcome with confidence and my passion for theatre was more alive than ever”. Now under the direction of Toronto greats (Greg Peterson, Marie Baron, Gillian Saunders, Marc Richard) Michael was given the opportunity to hone his craft, earning some very memorable roles along the way: Jason (Falsettos), Jimmy (110 In the Shade), and Jeff Douglas (Brigadoon). During those summer months of College, you could find Michael touring the Parry Sound area in a show called Vibe – Rock On, and also shaking some booty for 2 consecutive seasons at Canada’s Wonderland. “Out of the 3 shows I did, most memorable moment? Having director Chris Boyd teach me how to get my sexy on while driving a motorcycle – while somehow standing on it!?! – while sporting a long dirty brown wig with a red bandana wrapped around my forehead– all while a HUGE fan blew in my face!??? Just picture it! …Needless to say, my hair was everywhere!!!” Michael laughs, “The scene was cut from the show for safety reasons, but Chris Boyd, sheer genius”.

After College, Michael headed for the mountains of Canmore Alberta for some peace and tranquility AKA dinner theatre. JP Thibodeau, director of Cornerstone Theatre signed Michael on as a lead in his production of Oh Canada Eh!? “Come on, dinner theatre!? It was innocent, cheesy fun. I got to be a ham for 6 months…I was in my element”. Michael was later welcomed back into the Cornerstone family to play Patrick/Peggy in the production The Andrews Brothers, a spoof on the Andrews Sisters, “I always thought I would look a little prettier dressed as a woman but I was wrong”. Saying goodbye to the mountains was rough, but life soon got better when director John Bryan called from Universal Studios Japan. Michael booked a 13 month contract starring as Wolfie in the Monsters Live Rock N Roll Show. He was thrilled not only because he had the chance to move to the other side of the world and study such a unique and different culture, but when he arrived, was told that he would also be playing the Arabian Prince in the Magical Starlight Parade. “I was thrilled. I got to ride a 26ft. elephant that was all lit up…and my costume was all lit up…the elephant was a robot, but whatever, I still totally felt like Aladdin! I had thousands Japanese people taking my picture and I felt famous! Needless to say, all those years, standing in the mirror, perfecting my smile, well it finally paid off”

“Life’s not too shabby” Michael says. “I have God in my life. He has blessed me with the gift of the arts. I can act, sing, dance, and paint forever and a day. I have the gift of family and I definitely have an angel on my side. With the ability to create and touch so many peoples’ lives, I can only feel blessed. My word is passion – it motivates me, it’s the constant reminder”. Michael recalls some words from Nino: ‘don’t stop the creativity even if it becomes difficult, these are the sweet nectar of living’. “That man is definitely on to something.”.