Maya Anna Franzoi
Actor, Singer, Voice Actor
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”
– Confucius

Maya Franzoi is a 14 year old Canadian actress who began her career in local theatre. After performing in several productions, Maya expanded her acting and ventured into film and television, landing a lead comedic role as Sammy the Elf in the Gaumont production of “48 Christmas Wishes”. Shortly after, she was cast as Olivia, in the Netflix series “Ponysitters Club”, which ran for two seasons, and included a spin off feature film “Ponysitters Club: Fun at the Fair”.

In addition, she was cast as a lead in the magic reality TV series, “Thrillusionists” for CBC Kids. Her most recent project was the principal role of Tina in the TV series “Magnesium”, a remake of the classic 80’s series, “Ghost Writer”. Maya is an avid reader, loves to cook, and enjoys attending improv classes in her spare time.