Massimo Frau
Non Union
“Act from the depth of your feeling imagination. Act for celebration, for search, for grieving, for worship, to express that desolate sensation of wandering through the howling wilderness. Don’t worry about Art. Do these things and it will be Art.”
– John Patrick Shanley

Massimo Frau was born in Vancouver, and has been pursuing acting since 2008. Collaboration with fellow artists, in projects that reflect on and celebrate the human condition, has been his main focus. His goal is to continue to create, and be a part of projects that represent life in Vancouver, telling stories that have been untold, and which need an audience. His theatre credits include playing Bradley in ‘Four Dogs and a Bone’, by John Patrick Shanley, and Verezzi in ‘Zastrozzi: The Master of Disipline’, by George F. Walker. As well, he made his directorial debut in theatre with, ‘Welcome to the Moon: And Other Plays’, by John Patrick Shanley. For film, he has collaborated on a number of short films. Most notably, ‘Soldiers of Earth’, ‘Aberration’, ‘GOTO 10’, ‘Seattle’, and ‘Foreclosure’, which was part of the selection of Canadian Shorts at TIFF in 2013. He made his Feature Film debut playing Tony in ‘Bella Ciao!’, directed by Carolyn Combs, and nominated for Best Canadian Feature at the Whistler Film Festival in 2018.