Maggie Chen

Born in Anhui, China, Maggie emigrated to Canada at an early age, where she found her home within the figure skating community and discovered her performance aptitude. She originally set out in a career as an academic, naïve to the potential of professionally pursuing performance or acting, but her later exposure on set film and TV productions as a figure skater was eye-opening, creatively fulfilling, and ignited her toward new horizons.

Maggie brings over a decade of competitive figure skating experience, a depth of knowledge about the human condition from her bachelor’s and Master of Science degrees in Kinesiology from the University of Toronto, and diverse experiences as a creative, an artist, and a choreographer that she brings to her work. She is thrilled to be on her artistic journey with da Costa. As she moves forward, Maggie remains close to her first passion of figure skating, is actively honing her craft as an actor, performer, and artist, and can otherwise be found enjoying life with her friends and family.