Madeline Leon
Actor, Singer
Non Union
“[Madeline Leon is] great to watch on stage, easily stealing [her] scenes with fantastic comedic timing and truly touching pleas for sanity”
– Madeleine Copp, Mooney on Theatre.

Since her professional debut at the age of eleven playing Brigitta in The Sound of Music, Madeline has thrived both on stage and on camera. Most recently, she played the lead role in a holiday romance movie produced by Gaumont and Brain Power Studio. She plays a recurring role in Discovery Kids television series Pony Sitters Club which is currently on air in Latin America.

Other film credits include “Modern Classic,” official selection at the 2017 Canadian Film Festival, and “A Witches’ Ball,” official selection of the 2017 Bentonville Film Festival. When she’s not acting, she loves speaking Spanish, riding her bike, and playing the keyboard around Toronto!