MacKenzie Claus
Actor, Voice Over Actor
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

MacKenzie Claus was born and raised in Battleford, a small town in rural Saskatchewan. Growing up she quickly developed her love of music as her parents introduced her to many different genres. Her parents became aware very early that performing was something important to MacKenzie because of her daily shows performed on their coffee table. They put her in voice lessons and choir at the age of 4. At 10 years old MacKenzie began working with one of the provinces biggest musical theatre troupe the mini express, a division of the Saskatchewan express. She fell in love with it immediately and continued on for 2 years with them.

MacKenzie then moved to Surrey, BC with her family. She knew she had to find some outlet for her creativity and she was introduced to the White Rock Children’s choir. The director of the choir Sarona Myndhart took MacKenzie under her wing and they began working together in private lessons as well. MacKenzie went on to win multiple awards and certificates at many local vocal competitions. Sarona and her choir became like a second family to MacKenzie. They even travelled the world together performing in many places including Hawaii and culminating in a life changing trip to New York City where MacKenzie had the unique opportunity of performing on stage at Carnegie Hall.

MacKenzie’s true love for musical theatre, however, blossomed at the age of 14 when her mother found an ad in the local paper for an audition for a Christmas pantomime at the White Rock Players Club. She was cast and went on to perform in the next 3 pantomimes as the lead role in each of them.

It was because of all of these amazing experiences that led to MacKenzie’s decision at the age of 18 to decide to enrol in the Capilano University’s Musical Theatre Diploma Program. She spent the next 3 years developing skills and relationships that will last a lifetime. Throughout her years at Capilano not only did she have the opportunity to develop as an artist but also work on many productions such as Arbutus Studios “The Secret Garden”, “Fawlty Towers”, “Anne of Green Gables” and URP’s “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

Since her graduation MacKenzie has never stopped in her pursuit to improve as an artist. She has spent a great deal of time in acting workshops with amazing coaches such as Catherine Lough-Haggquist, Stellina Rusich and Mark Gaudet. As well as getting to learn first hand from some truly influential casting directors such as Ann Forry, Bim Narine and Peter Deluise.

MacKenzie has devoted her entire life to performing and all it entails. She continues to push herself to learn, create and become a better artist. MacKenzie is excited for what this passion of hers will bring in the future with dedication and hard work.