Lyra Xhoci
“If we no longer see the possibility of greatness, how can we dream of it”
– Lee Strasberg

Born in Pristina, Kosovo, Lyra Xhoci (Jotsee) is an accomplished actress who recently moved to Toronto.

Lyra’s love for arts began at the age of six when she started playing the piano and continued with singing and acting at the age of ten. She studied acting for film and theatre at the Academy of Arts in Kosovo where she received her BA and MA degree. Prior to moving to Toronto, her career was focused in Kosovo where she was part of many television shows, films and theatre plays.

Her performance in “Three windows and a hanging”, gave her the opportunity to be awarded from Palm Springs International Film Festival in California with a scholarship at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles where she got introduced to Method acting.

Lyra was nominated and awarded as the “Best Leading Actress” at the Albanian Filmmakers Festival in New York for her performance in the movie “Hope” and in 2017 she was chosen as one of Kosovo’s raising stars.