Luke Letourneau
Actor, Singer
“Red’s counterpart, Jack, (played by Luke Letourneau) also captures a youthful innocence without stepping into precociousness. His “Giants in the Sky” is easily the best I’ve ever seen.”
– Jeremy Gardiner

Luke Letourneau has been in and out of the acting business since he was the tender age of 6 years old. His first big job as a working actor was in the feature film “The Day After Tomorrow”. He landed this job when he was 8 years old. His first professional theatre production gained him his Equity card when he was 15. The show was “The Children’s Republic” by Hannah Moscovitch. It told the story of a Polish doctor who ran a Jewish orphanage in the Warsaw ghetto. During this time he was attending Canterbury High School where he got a chance to go on a trip to Scotland and be a part of the Edinburgh fringe festival.

While Luke was in high school he developed a love for both theatre and music. He would go to drama class during the day and play piano and sing at night (after he had done his homework of course!). He got the chance to put the two together when he was in his first musical: Canterbury High School’s production of Godspell. Doing this musical made him want to do more singing as well as acting so he decided to audition for Randolph Academy. The two years at Randolph were life changing. He had a chance to hone his craft as a triple threat performer and form close friendships with both his fellow students and faculty members. In David Haire’s Stuff Happens Luke had the chance to play a raging politician. Playing Jack in the graduating production of Into the Woods would definitely be one of the biggest highlights.

As well as being an actor, Luke also enjoys playing his original music at various pubs in Toronto. Check his stuff out sometime. I think you’ll enjoy it.